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Why Businesses Should Not Use Residential Equipment For Their Laundry Services

One major mistake we see many business owners make over and over again is to try to use residential laundry equipment for their commercial laundry needs. Many business owners will try to use residential laundry equipment because they see it as a less expensive alternative to investing in commercial laundry equipment. But commercial laundry equipment is just that—an investment!

Here just some of the reasons why businesses should never use residential equipment for their laundry services.

Warranties On Residential Laundry Equipment Do Not Cover Commercial Use

Commercial businesses, like day spas and salons, will often try to utilize residential laundry equipment for their day to day operations. But as time goes on, the workload and the wear and tear caused by the excessive use of the equipment inevitably leads to a breakdown of the equipment. When the breakdown occurs, the business owner will likely contact the laundry equipment retailer to schedule repairs only to find out that nothing can be done because the equipment’s warranty has been voided. Most warranties on residential laundry equipment can be voided if the equipment was used for commercial purposes rather than residential purposes.

What once seemed like a cost-saving measure is now a bane to such business owners as they now really only have two options to choose from. They can either cover the cost of the repairs themselves or purchase a commercial set of laundry equipment like they should have done originally. The problem with paying to repair residential equipment being used for commercial purposes is that the equipment will inevitably breakdown and need repair again and again. This leads to a cycle of never-ending repairs and out-of-pocket expenses to the business owner.

Even if the business owner breaks down and purchases the correct laundry equipment, the business owner is now out of the money they originally used to purchase the residential equipment—and any repairs they conducted before learning this expensive lesson.

Residential Laundry Equipment Cannot Meet The Needs Of A Business

No matter what industry your business is in, your commercial laundry needs will require commercial laundry equipment. Salons and day spas have multiple loads of towels and robes they have to wash on a daily basis. Likewise, hotels have multiple loads of bed linens and towels to wash. And restaurants have multiple loads of table linens, napkins, and towels. Correctional facilities: hundreds to thousands of uniforms, towels, undergarments, and bed linens.

Residential laundry equipment will not be able to meet the constant laundry needs a business has. There is no way for residential washers and dryers to handle the nature and volume of the loads a business demands. Utilizing commercial laundry equipment from reputable manufacturers and brands will provide your business with the optimal performance and efficiency you deserve. While the up-front cost of your commercial laundry equipment may be higher, it will surely save on costs in the long run. So, before you think about purchasing a residential washer and dryer, consider the true costs of using residential equipment in your business.

Atlas Laundry Specializes In On-Premise Commercial Laundry Solutions For Every Industry

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