Stack Dryers 30-45

At Huebsch, our priority is making commercial laundry equipment that’s perfectly aligned with your business philosophy. In other words, because you believe that profit is the inevitable result of superior efficiency, durability, simplicity and service, that’s exactly what we deliver.

What’s more, we deliver it in every facet of our products.


Efficiency means drying more loads, faster. Huebsch offers two drying pockets in the space of one single, increasing capacity to endure peak periods.


Customers using the higher-capacity washer-extractors will also pay a premium vend for the larger Stack 45. Pairing the profitable Stack 30s with Stack 45s can offer a 44% increase in profit per square foot of tumbler dryers.


Huebsch tumble dryers feature an innovative axial airflow process, reducing energy consumption and producing some of the industry’s fastest dry times. Faster drying is less time spent at the laundromat, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and store profits.


Unlike competitors, Huebsch machines are wired individually. So if one should break down, the other unit will continue to work and more importantly, continue to make money.


Designed to convey Huebsch quality and attention to detail


Huebsch’s stainless-steel doors curb chipping and incorporate durable latches and hinges to resist wear and keep machines looking sleek.


Integrating Galaxy 600 controls allows for intuitive operation and simple programming throughout your store with revenue-boosting options. Better yet, it means your vended stacked 30-lb and 45-lb tumble dryers are Huebsch Command™-compatible!

OPL Heated Roll Ironer Spec Sheets I10


Adding stainless-steel front panels and cylinders gives your machines unparalleled sophistication. This design upgrade highlights to your customers that they are using top-quality equipment.


Huebsch models can be configured with a programmable electronic control that delivers drying options through an intuitive user interface. A large, digital display keeps customers apprised of the time remaining on their cycle.


Set to do the job and stays up to the task


Our patented, oblong cylinder perforations enable drywall screws forgotten in pockets to pass harmlessly through machines without damaging the tumblers’ sweep sheets. This damage-resistant advantage—exclusive to Huebsch machines—can be seen in action at


Large lint compartments reduce time spent emptying, and a heavy-duty belt delivers a long life to cut maintenance time and costs.


Stacked tumble dryers require single gas, electrical and exhaust connections, making installation faster and less expensive than accommodating multiple single units.


All Huebsch models can be configured for coin or card activation, letting you choose the payment method that works best for your business.


Built with premium materials and tested to meet the demands of the harshest environments, these commercial-grade machines deliver reliable, efficient operation load after load—and they’re backed by Huebsch’s standard three-year warranty.*

OPL Heated Roll Ironer Spec Sheets I10

*Parts only, labour not included. See Huebsch Warranty Bond for specifics.


Laundromat data and analytics that are custom-made for the way you operate

Huebsch Command (only available with Galaxy™ 600 controls) lets you use all features of Galaxy controls—
and now you can access them remotely, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Huebsch On-Premises Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 170lb

Vended 30- and 45-lb Tumble Dryers 

Control Options Galaxy™ 600, Basic Electronic Galaxy™ 600, Basic Electronic
Capacity – lb (kg) 30 (14) 45 (20)
Width – in (mm) 31.5 (800) 34.5 (875)
Depth – in (mm) 42.8 (1090) 48.6 (1235)
Height – in (mm) 76.3 (1940) 81.3 (2065
Cylinder Depth – in (mm) 26 (660) 30 (762)
Cylinder Diameter – in (mm) 30 (762) 33 (838)
Cylinder Volume – cu ft (liters) 10.6 (300) 14.8 (420)
Cylinder Volume – cu ft (liters) 10.6 (300) 14.8 (420)
Door Opening Size – in (mm) 22.6 (575) 22.9 (581)
Air Outlet – in (mm) 1 x 8 (200) 1 x 10 (250)
Motor – HP Fan: 0.5 Fan: 2 x 0.5
Cylinder: 0.3
Airflow – cfm 2 x 400 2 x 600
Energy Data Gas Models – Per Pocket:

73,000 x 2 Btu/hr

Gas Models – Per Pocket:

95,000 x 2 Btu/hr

Steam Models – Per Pocket:

85,400 x 2 Btu/hr

Steam Models – Per Pocket:


Electric Models:


Electric Models:


Electrical Specifications

Gas and Steam:
B 100-120V/50/60/1
X 200-240V/50/60/1-3
N 440-480V/50/60/3
P 380-415V/50/60/3
D 200-208V/50/60/1
E 230-240V/50/60/1
F 200-208V/50/60/3
G 230-240V/50/60/3
H 380V/50/60/3
J 400-415V/50/60/3
K 440V/50/60/3
L 460-480V/50/60/3

Gas & Steam Amps:

B – 16

X – 9

N – 6

P – 6

Gas & Steam Amps:

B – N/A

X – 12

N – 6

P – 6

Electric Amps:

D – N/A

E – N/A

F – 61 X 2

G – 52 X 2

H – 33 X 2

J – 30 X 2

K – 29 X 2

L – 27 X 2

Electric Amps:

D – N/A

E – N/A

F – N/A

G – N/A

H – N/A

J – N/A

K – N/A

L – N/A

Gas Connections – in (npt) 0.5 0.5
Plumbing Connections – in (mm) 0.75 N/A
Shipping Dimensions – in (mm)


Width: 32.5 (830) Width: 35.5 (900)
Depth: 47 (1190) Depth: 54 (1370)
Height: 79.9 (2030) Height: 84.9 (2160)
NET WEIGHT – lb (kg) Gas & Steam: 570 (260) / 610 (275) Gas & Steam: 710 (320)
Electric: 660 (300) Electric: N/A
SHIPPING WEIGHT – lb (kg) Gas & Steam: 600 (270) / 640 (290) Gas & Steam: 750 (340)
Electric: 690 (313) Electric: N/A
Agency Approvals CSA CSA

Tumble dryer models are made to suit a variety of electrical service characteristics. See your Huebsch distributor for specifications.
For further details on installation, refer to Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions supplied with the tumble dryer.
USA and Canada models are certified by CSA International.
For the most accurate information, the installation guide should be used for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change without notice. The quality management
system of Alliance Laundry Systems’ Ripon facility has been registered to ISO 9001:2000.

Huebsch by Alliance Laundry Systems

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Huebsch On-Premises Stack Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 30lb