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Stable Enterprise

Laundromats ensure stability as they cater to an essential need: clean clothes. Regardless of economic conditions or global events, the ongoing demand for laundry services remains constant, making laundromats a resilient business. Exploring laundromat franchise options further emphasizes stability in the business landscape.
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High Cash Flow

Laundromats boast a lucrative cash flow with a typical return on investment ranging from 20% to 30%. Owners enhance business performance using laundry management systems like Cents, facilitating sophisticated decision-making for improved cash flow and efficient business management.
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Simplified Business Model

Laundromats stand out as straightforward enterprises. Their simplicity is attributed to minimal inventory, upfront customer payments, and streamlined operations with card payment systems. Additionally, the low employee count distinguishes them as uncomplicated small businesses compared to others.
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Are you interested in starting a laundromat but aren’t sure where to start? Building laundromats is our specialty! We provide everything for the process—from structural planning and site design and layout to selecting the laundry equipment you’ll need. Whether you have a piece of land, a suite in a strip center, an old laundry, or just an idea—Atlas Laundry’s expert staff will use our 75 years of combined experience to guide you through opening your own laundromat from start to finish.
Guided Expertise

From Start to Finish

Our Process
Starting your own vended laundromat is exciting. However, starting and running a successful laundromat requires careful and strategic planning and execution. That’s where Atlas Laundry’s team of industry experts comes in! Building turn-key laundromats is our specialty.
Our experts provide you with the equipment, systems, and tools you need—from the very beginning to opening day and beyond. Our laundromat experts not only have over 20 years of experience in creating, building, and promoting laundromat businesses but also converting “Zombiemats” into successful business ventures.


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Whether you have a piece of land, a suite in a strip mall center, an underperforming laundromat, or just the desire to open a vended laundry, we’ll get you in business.
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