OPL Hardmount Washer-Extractor Spec Sheets 20lb

OPL Fireman’s Drying Cabinet

Huebsch Firemen’s PPE Drying Cabinets are engineered to comply with all NFPA 1851 regulations. Efficient drying processes help minimize utility and operating costs and cut drying times down to one-and-a-half to three hours — meaning gear will be ready for action whenever the alarm sounds.

OPL Stack Front Control WasherDryer

OPL Stack Front Control WasherDryer

Get the complete package in a single unit, combining our efficient dryers with the powerful performance of our industry-leading front load washers. Our line of stack washer/dryers are designed as vertical combinations that provide all of the power of Huebsch washers and dryers, while occupying only half of the floor space of a conventional washer and dryer setup.

Vended Galaxy 600 Washer Extractor

OPL Front Control Front Load Washer

Our front load washers use as little as 11.7 gallons (44.3 liters) per cycle, saving 40 percent more than many commercial top load washers. Fast cycle times get the job done quickly, while a large-capacity cylinder provides room for bulky items.

Vended/Coin Laundry

OPL Front Load Washer

As timeless as they are reliable, Huebsch top load washers are built from the ground up with heavy-duty components guaranteed to stand up to rigorous use. Compliant with U.S. and many international water and energy standards for commercial washers, your laundry will realize savings in water and energy costs.