On-Premises Drying Cabinets

B&C Technologies Drying Cabinets are for efficient hang drying of delicate garments that should not be tumble dried. They are perfect for perfect for drycleaners, wetcleaners, theaters, ski resorts, daycare centers and more.

Bothe the TS-99 Cabinet Dryer with 32lb drying capacity and the TS-63 Cabinet Drying with 20lb drying capacity offer efficient hang drying for sensitive garments ny drying without mechanical action at exactly the right temperature and humidity.

They Feature:

-Low energy consumption
-Short drying cycles compared to standard tumble dryers
-Large internal hanging space with racks that swing out for easy loading and unloading
-A built-in sanitation program that greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants
-Manual and automatic programs allow for total flexibility during the drying process
Ease of use features include interior lighting, doors that open 190 degrees,
adjustable feet, and a large easy to read control display

On-Premises B&C Drying Cabinets Specifications

MODEL Metric US TS-63 TS-93
kg lbs 9.1 20.0 14.5 32.0
A – Width
B – Depth
C – Height
D – Rack Swing, Front
E – Door Swing
F – Rack Swing, Side
mm in
mm in
mm in
mm in
mm in
mm in
1200 47.2
640 25.2
1870 73.6
812 32.0
487 19.2
695 27.4
1800 70.9
800 31.5
1955 77.0
1392 54.8
788 31.0
n/a n/a
Net Weight
Domestic shipping weight
kg lbs
kg lbs
145 319
152 334
200 440
212 466
208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1PH
208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3PH
380-480VAC, 50/60Hz, 3PH
Amps Breaker
Amps Breaker
Amps Breaker
35 40
22 30
12 15
65 70
35 40
17 20
Huebsch On-Premises Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 25lb

For the most accurate information, the installation guide should be used for all design and construction purposes
Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change without notice. The quality management system of Alliance Laundry Systems has been registered to ISO 9001.

B&C by Alliance Laundry Systems

OPL Front Control Stack Dryer

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Huebsch On-Premises Stack Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 30lb