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commercial laundry equipment sales in Texas

Correctional Facility Laundry Equipment Supplier

Throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Durable Amenities
Cost Control
Clean Textiles

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair and Maintenance


Security and Durability

Security is a top priority in correctional facilities, and our laundry equipment is built to withstand the rigors of these environments. Our systems are designed with reinforced structures and advanced safety features to ensure standard and reliable operation.

Commercial-Sized Loads

The commercial laundry equipment we provide for correctional facilities is meticulously engineered to endure substantial wash loads, empowering your facility to effectively address comprehensive on-site laundry requirements.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

We recognize the importance of operational efficiency in correctional settings. Our commercial washer and dryer systems are not only efficient but also designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, helping correctional facilities manage their laundry processes within budget constraints.

Inmate Welfare

Clean clothing and linens contribute to the overall well-being of inmates. On-premise laundry services ensure a timely and consistent supply of clean garments, linens, and towels, promoting a hygienic living environment.

Revolutionizing Laundry Operations in Correctional Facilities

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Atlas International is your trusted partner in providing cutting-edge solutions for correctional facilities, throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, looking to establish or upgrade their on-premise laundry operations. We understand the unique challenges faced by correctional facilities in managing the laundry needs of inmates. Our commercial laundry equipment is designed to meet the stringent requirements of correctional settings, offering efficiency, durability, reliability, and safety.

Establishing an On-Premise Laundry for Texas Correctional Facilities

In correctional facilities, the laundry process plays a critical role in maintaining hygiene, order, and the well-being of inmates. An on-premise laundry facility within a correctional setting offers numerous benefits, from enhanced security to improved cost management.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Advanced Prison Laundry Equipment

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Innovation Meets Security at Atlas International.
Atlas International is dedicated to providing correctional facilities located across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana with the tools they need to optimize their laundry processes. Our range of prison laundry equipment is designed to meet the unique demands of correctional settings, ensuring secure and efficient operations. From high-capacity washers to specialized equipment for security and control, Atlas International delivers reliable solutions that empower correctional facilities to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and inmate welfare.
As a trusted commercial laundry equipment supplier, Atlas International is ready to support correctional facilities in optimizing their laundry processes. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of correctional facility laundry equipment and discover how we can elevate your laundry operations.
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