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commercial laundry equipment sales in Texas

Laundry Equipment For Apartments and Multi-Living Facilities

Throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Improve Amenities
Environmental Considerations

Tailored Solutions for Every Multi-Family Laundromat Setting


Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

Create a competitive edge in the rental market by outfitting your apartment complex with our premium laundry solutions. Residents will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of in-unit or on-premise laundry, enhancing their overall living experience.

Townhome Community Laundry Equipment

Elevate the appeal of your townhome community by offering top-tier in-unit or on-premise laundry facilities. Our equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of townhome residents, providing a seamless and efficient laundry experience.

Condominium Laundry Solutions

Enhance the lifestyle of your condominium residents with our commercial washer and dryer options for on-premise laundry or in-unit applications. Our solutions are tailored to the demands of high-density living, offering a reliable and efficient laundry experience.

Dorm Room Laundry Equipment

Attract and retain students with cutting-edge laundry facilities. Our commercial washers and dryers are perfect for college campus housing, providing the convenience and reliability that students demand.

RV Resort Laundry Equipment

On-site laundry equipment at an RV resort enhances guest convenience, fostering a home-like experience. It eliminates travel inconveniences, ensures cleanliness, and adds value to the overall stay.

Laundry Equipment for Duplex Rentals

Quality laundry equipment in duplex rentals enhances tenant satisfaction, promoting a comfortable and convenient living experience. It attracts reliable tenants, adds property value, and fosters long-term tenant relationships.

Attract Residents With Top-Quality On-Premise Laundry Solutions

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Are you looking to attract new residents to your community? One key factor that sets a property apart is the quality of amenities it provides. At Atlas International, we specialize in supplying commercial laundry equipment to apartment complexes, townhome communities, condominiums, RV parks, duplexes, and college campus housing across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Elevate the laundry experience for your tenants, surpassing the standard coin-operated laundromat, and create a community that prioritizes convenience, productivity, and efficiency.

Our Expertise as a Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier

As a leading commercial laundry equipment supplier, Atlas International understands the unique needs of multi-family facilities. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial washers and dryers designed to meet the demands of high-traffic laundry environments. Our solutions are tailored to enhance the laundry experience for both property managers and residents.

Key Benefits of Choosing Atlas International


Quality and Durability

Our commercial laundry equipment is built to withstand the rigorous demands of multi-family living. High-quality materials and cutting-edge technology ensure longevity and superior performance.

Efficiency and Productivity

Save time and energy with our state-of-the-art machines. Our commercial washers and dryers are designed for efficiency, allowing residents to complete their laundry quickly and get back to enjoying your community's other amenities.
Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

Atlas International offers competitive pricing on top-of-the-line commercial laundry equipment. Investing in quality equipment can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing maintenance and repair expenses.

Why Choose Atlas International?

Proven Track Record: With years of experience in the industry, Atlas International has a proven track record of supplying high-quality commercial laundry equipment to a diverse range of multi-family facilities.
Customer Satisfaction Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We work closely with property managers to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations.
Comprehensive Support: From installation to maintenance, Atlas International offers comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your commercial laundry equipment. Our team of experts is ready to assist with any inquiries or issues.

Your Premier Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier

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Innovation Meets Community at Atlas International.
Upgrade your multi-family facilities with Atlas International's top-quality on-premise commercial laundry equipment. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can make a lasting impact on your community's attractiveness and resident satisfaction. Headquartered in Dallas, we can deliver laundry equipment to multi-family facilities throughout Texas and neighboring states Oklahoma and Louisiana. Choose excellence with Atlas International, your trusted commercial laundry equipment supplier.
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