Are you interested in starting your own laundromat but aren’t sure where to start? Building laundromats is our specialty! We provide everything for the process—from structural planning and site design and layout, to selecting the laundry equipment you’ll need. Whether you have a piece of land, a suite in a strip centre, an old laundry, or just an idea—Atlas Laundry’s expert staff will use our 75 years combined experience to guide you through the process of opening your own laundromat from start to finish.
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Why Vended Laundry?

Many industry experts consider laundromats to be recession-proof because of the vital service they offer any community*. The turnkey nature of the laundromat operations allows the owner to step away from the day-to-day duties of running a business. Whether you want to be a small-business owner or are looking to invest in a chain of laundromats, our experts walk you through everything you need to know to protect your investment. *Based on Commercial Laundry Association (CLA) Data

Atlas Laundry Is A Laundromat Business Owner’s Industry Guide From Start To FInish—And Beyond

How Our Experts Guide You Through The Process

Starting your own vended laundromat is exciting. But starting and running a successful laundromat requires careful and strategic planning and execution. That’s where Atlas Laundry’s team of industry experts come in! Building turn-key laundromats is our specialty.
Our experts provide you with the equipment, systems, and tools you need—from the very beginning to opening day and beyond. Our laundromat experts not only have over 20 years of experience in creating, building and promoting laundromat businesses but also converting “Zombiemats” into successful business ventures.
Zombiemats are the failed laundromats; those that shut down and are left abandoned or are so outdated they are avoided by customers because the right tools—the right team was missing. Request Atlas guidance in refurbishing your zombiemat into a modern store with upgraded equipment and systems designed to help you succeed.
Whether you have a piece of land, a suite in a strip mall center, an underperforming laundromat, or just the desire to open a vended laundry, we’ll get you in business.
You get everything you need to build a successful laundromat, including:


We help you know and fully understand your target customer base.


We help you find the perfect location for your laundromat based on current market trends.

Competitive Analysis

We help you understand the existing laundry competition in your area and help you find your competitive edge.

Advertising & Marketing

We help you find and attract the right customers using our industry knowledge to provide you with the latest marketing and advertising solutions.


We help you find the right equipment to best meet the unique needs of your laundromat.

Design Planning & Building

We help you completely through the building or renovation stage—from design planning all the way through building completion.

Industry Knowledge

You never have to worry about not having the necessary industry knowledge. We provide you with more than 75 years of knowledge and experience!

Financing Options

We find the financing solution right for your needs and budget.

Installation & Service

We install the equipment to ensure proper operation and provide ongoing service, consultation and training of employees.

Financing Options

Vended Laundry Solutions 
We start the financing discussion by listening to the unique needs and goals of your business and finding the equipment right for those needs. We have multiple financing options available to offer you competitive rates and flexible terms. Call us today to discuss financing options* in more detail!

For qualified customers only*

Ancillary Products

Your new laundromat business will need more than just the right commercial washers & dryers. A successful coin laundromat has all the necessary ancillary products needed to make a trip to the laundromat convenient and easy for its customers. Ancillary items your laundromat may need include:
Atlas Laundry’s industry experts work with you to determine which ancillary products will best serve the needs of your laundromat’s customers.
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