Hotels clean more than 20,000 sheets each year! So, when it comes to laundry equipment, your hotel needs the absolute best in the industry to handle the high demands of your hotel. Atlas Laundry provides these high-quality laundry machines and much more.

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Hotel Laundry Equipment

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are held to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. It is of the utmost importance that your facility keeps everything sanitized to control the spread of infection. This requires the highest quality on-premise laundry equipment. Talk to our team of experts to discuss the solutions we have provided to hospitals and medical facilities for more than 75 years.

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healthcare facility laundry equipment service

Correctional Facilities

Jails and prisons have large inmate populations that need to keep up with their laundry on a routine basis. Atlas Laundry has the industrial laundry equipment needed to create a productive and efficient on-premise laundry for any correctional facility.

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inmate laundry service correctional facility laundry equipment

Military & First Responders

We appreciate your service! We are honored to be chosen to serve those who serve to protect and safeguard our families and communities. Military and first responders have uniforms and protective gear that require special care when cleaning. We know the importance of high standards and quality equipment when it comes to firehouses and other emergency response providers. Each of our solutions are recommended based upon the standards set forth by the NFPA 1851 guidelines.

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firefighter laundry equipment

Senior Living

Today’s seniors have more options than ever to choose from for senior living. From independent living communities to skilled nursing care facilities and everything in-between, seniors often consider the convenience of a facilities amenities when choosing where to live. Atlas Laundry will help your senior-living community create an on-premise laundry effective at keeping residents safe and healthy while also attracting new residents.

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assisted senior living facility laundry equipment

Schools & Universities

Schools have plenty of things they need to keep clean for their students throughout the year. From the kitchen to the sports department to student housing, safety and sanitation is of the utmost importance in our schools and universities. Atlas Laundry provides top quality machines to schools so they can keep things clean while focusing on what matters—our students.

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college university laundry service

Dry Cleaners

Atlas Laundry has the commercial laundry solutions your dry-cleaning business needs to thrive and be successful. We partner with you to make sure your dry-cleaning business has the right equipment to provide your clients with high quality dry-cleaning services and make sure your equipment stays in working order, so you don’t lose any business.

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Salons & Spas

No spa experience is complete without the luxurious feeling of a fluffy spa towel or robe. Spas may also have bed linens that need to be laundered regularly as well. Both spas and salons are likely to use many towels throughout the day. Atlas Laundry has commercial on-premise laundry options that can meet the needs of both small salons and major spas.

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spa laundry


Whether you have a small fast-food restaurant with a load of wash rags or a larger eat-in restaurant with table linens and napkins, Atlas Laundry has the commercial on-premise laundry solution to fit your restaurant’s unique needs, saving you from the cost of having to “order out” your laundry needs.

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Restaurant laundry machines

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities of any type are sure to see a large compilation of sweaty, dirty laundry. Gyms and fitness centers have large amounts of towels to wash daily. High school, college, and professional athletic programs have team uniforms and gear that require special care when washed. Atlas Laundry has the equipment options to meet the unique needs of your athletic facility.

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Athletic Facility laundry equipment

Multi-Family Facilities

How do you attract new residents to your community? With top quality on-premise commercial laundry equipment that beats the near-by coin operated laundromat. From apartment complexes to condominiums to college campus housing, tenants appreciate communities that provide quality amenities that give them convenience, productivity, and efficiency.

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laundry equipment for Multi-Family Facilities

Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts

Owners of vacation rentals and B & B’s have the same responsibility as hotels to provide clean and comfortable linens, towels, and robes to their guests. Atlas Laundry has the commercial quality equipment you need for your on-premise laundry.

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