On-Premises 30-lb Stack Tumble Dryer

Our line of stack tumble dryers* provides double the capacity of Huebsch single- pocket tumble dryers, while using only half the floor space. Plus, you’ll still only need one set of gas, electric and exhaust hookups, simplifying installation.

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A high-performance heater box and axial airflow pattern with sealed cylinder rims delivers the fastest, most efficient drying results in the industry. This efficiency reduces drying times and helps on-premises laundries increase throughput, while decreasing operating costs.

Easy to Operate

Fewer moving parts mean fewer maintenance problems and less wear, while large lint compartments are easy to keep clean, saving additional operator time.


Available in 30 lb per pocket and 45 lb per pocket capacities, there’s a stack tumble dryer to meet the needs of any on-premises laundry.

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The Galaxy Control offers the flexibility of 30 programmable cycles combined with the accuracy of our moisture-sensing technology saving time and energy increasing the life of your linens, saving time and energy.

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Dual Digital

With features including one-touch cycle repeat, automatic extended tumble and a large digital countdown display, it’s simple to set your drying time, temperature and cool down with the Dual Digital Control.

* Not all models are available in all markets. In order to highlight key details, machine images do not adhere to a standard scale.

On-Premises 30-lb Tumble Dryer Specifications

CONTROL OPTION Galaxy, Dual Digital
CAPACITY – lb (kg) 30 (13) x 2
OVERALL WIDTH – in (mm) 31.5 (800)
OVERALL DEPTH – in (mm) 42.8 (1090)
OVERALL HEIGHT – in (mm) 76.3 (1940)
CYLINDER DIAMETER – in (mm) 30.0 (762)
CYLINDER DEPTH – in (mm) 26.0 (660)
CYLINDER VOLUME – cu. ft. (liters) 10.6 (300)
DOOR OPENING SIZE – in (mm) 22.6 (574)
HEAT INPUT POWER Gas Models – Per Pocket 73,000 x 2 Btu/hr
Electric Models 21 x 2 kW
GAS CONNECTIONS – in (npt) 0.5
AIR OUTLET – in (mm) 1 x 8 (200) Oval
MOTOR – hp Fan 0.5
Cylinder 0.3
AIRFLOW – cfm 2 x 400
B 100-120V/50/60/1 16
X 200-240V/50/60/1/3 9
N 440-480V/50/60/3 6
F 200-208V/50/60/3 61 x 2
G 230-240V/50/60/3 52 x 2
K 440V/50/60/3 29 x 2
L 460-480V/50/60/3 27 x 2
APPROX. – in (mm)
Width 32.5 (826)
Depth 47.0 (1194)
Height 79.9 (2029)
NET WEIGHT – lb(kg) Gas 570 (260)
Electric 660 (300)
SHIPPING WEIGHT – lb(kg) Gas 600 (270)
Electric 690 (313)
A. OVERALL WIDTH – in (mm) 31.5 (800)
B. OVERALL DEPTH – in (mm) 42.8 (1090)
C. OVERALL HEIGHT – in (mm) 76.3 (1940)
D. DOOR BOTTOM TO FLOOR – in (mm) 10.7 (270)
E. DOOR SWING – in (mm) 28 (710)
Huebsch On-Premises Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 25lb

* LP gas available for 50,75 lb capacities only. Field conversion kits available for other capacities.

Tumble dryer models are made to suit a variety of electrical service characteristics. See your Huebsch distributor for specifications. For further details on installation, refer to Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions supplied with the tumble dryer. Amperage ratings available in Installation Manual.

For the most accurate information, the installation guide should be used for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change without notice. The quality management systems at Alliance Laundry Systems are registered to ISO 9001.

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Huebsch On-Premises Stack Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 30lb