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How Multi-Family Property Owners Can Use An On-Premise Laundry To Attract New Residents And Increase Revenue

Property owners who are looking to attract new residents or who want to add a new revenue stream to their multi-family housing facilities should take advantage of the valuable service provided by adding an on-premise coin-operated commercial laundry. Whether your property is an apartment complex, condominium, on- or off-campus housing for college students, or any other type of multi-family housing facility, your residents will surely need the convenience an on-premise coin-operated laundry provides. Having a high-quality on-premise laundry facility is an invaluable amenity that is sure to attract new residents and increase property revenue for a long time to come.

On-Premise Laundries Add Convenience To The Lives Of Your Residents

How much laundry does your family have on a weekly basis? On a monthly basis? Now imagine how much laundry every family in your multi-family housing property has on a weekly or monthly basis. Having a convenient place where we can efficiently get our laundry done quickly is no longer a luxury. It is a necessary amenity residents look for when considering a move to a multi-family housing property.

High quality coin-operated commercial laundry equipment can handle the specific needs of your residents and the entire property at large. On-premise laundry facilities provide families with the convenience of being able to complete all their laundry at the same time, no matter how many loads they need to wash. In today’s fast paced world, this is essential to remaining as productive as possible. When you think about the volume of laundry being done on your multi-family housing property, it becomes very clear how an on-premise laundry facility will not only attract new residents but will also provide an increased revenue stream for your property in the long run.

Technological Advances In On-Premise Laundry Equipment Makes These Facilities More Attractive

Today’s on-premise laundry facilities are not the simple coin-operated laundromats you may think of. Instead, technological advances have made it possible for on-premise commercial laundry equipment to be better than ever before. Machines that once required a stack of quarters to operate can now be operated with a scan of a debit or credit card. Property owners can even choose to take advantage of a smart card solutions. These smart cards allow residents to pre-load the cards with money for their laundry, so they don’t have to use their debit or credit card at the machine and provide the opportunity to use cash to load funds to the card.

This technologically friendly equipment provides a more profitable and straightforward solution for apartment managers and other multi-family housing property owners. Some of the benefits this high quality technologically advanced equipment has to offer include:

  • Enhancing the laundry experience for residents
  • Attracting new residents to your property
  • Helps property owners maximize revenue

Whether you are creating a new laundry facility on your property or upgrading an existing facility, choosing the highest quality washers and dryers is essential in making your on-premise laundry facility attractive to your residents.

Partner With Atlas Laundry To Create An On-Premise Laundry That Attracts Residents & Increases Revenue

When creating an on-premise laundry facility for your multi-family housing property, you need a partner who knows the commercial laundry industry inside and out. Atlas Laundry’s team of experts have more than 75 years of experience creating and maintaining the highest quality on-premise laundry facilities. Call us at (214) 350-1234 or contact us online to begin working on your on-premise laundry project today!

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