Huebsch® stack washer/dryers are easy to install and offer all the innovative features of standard machines while only taking up half of the floor space, adding flexibility to your laundry design. More powerful than ever, and loaded with game-changing technology, the new front load washer is designed to deliver laundry performance that is second to none. Stacked on top is a commercial dryer that has been durably constructed and extensively tested to ensure optimal performance.

Vended Front Load Washer Spec Sheet


An updated suspension and new sensing technologies powerfully combine to redistribute loads and maintain cycle times — resulting in less utility costs and shorter wait times.


Increased spin speed exerts high G-Force to maximize moisture removal and lower drying times, getting customers in and out of your store faster and ensuring they leave satisfied.


Huebsch dryers offer a 7.0 cu. ft. cylinder with an 18 lb capacity offers ample space for large loads to tumble and produce fast drying times, while lowering utility consumption.


A stack washer/dryer gives your laundry all the benefits of a stand-alone washer and dryer pair in the space of one machine. The stack utilizes all the same connections as a standard washer and dryer, so there are no special hookups required.


Our commercial stack washer/dryer is manufactured at our Ripon, WI headquarters. The entire machine receives Huebsch’s standard one-year warranty. In addition, Huebsch has more service representatives in the field than most brands have in their whole organization. *Parts only, labor not included. See Huebsch Warranty Bond for specifics.


Huebsch On-Premises Tumble Dryer Spec Sheets 55lb

The Electronic Homestyle Control features a time-remaining display, six preset cycle buttons for both the washer and dryer, cycle adjustability, additional wash cycle options, cycle status indicator lights and moisture level indicator lights on the dryer.


Specifications Washer Dryer
Available Controls Electronic Homestyle
Capacity – lb (kg) 21.5 (9.5) 18 (8.2)
Cylinder Volume – cu. Ft. (liters) 3.42 (96.8) 7.0 (198)
Width – in (mm) 26.875 (683)
Depth – in (mm) 27.73 (704)
Height – in (mm) 78.5 (1994)
Spin Speed – G-Force (RPM) 440 (1200) N/A
Motor Size – HP (kw) Variable Speed Induction
0.9 (0.67)
0.33 (0.25)
Water Consumption per Cycle – g (l) 13.68 (51.8) N/A
IWF (Water Factor) 4.0 N/A
IMEF (Modified Energy Factor) 2.20 N/A
Available Heat Sources N/A Electric or Gas
Available Heating Element (Electric W) N/A Can: 5000 @ 240V
USA: 5350 @ 240V
Gas Inlet Connection – in (mm) N/A 3/8 (9.5)
Gas Consumption – BTU/Hr N/A 22,500
Exhaust Outlet Diameter – in (mm) N/A 4 (102)
Exhaust Airflow – cfm (liters/sec) N/A 220 (105)
Available Water Temperatures 3 N/A
Available Cycles Heavy Duty, Normal Eco,
Perm Press, Delicate,
Rinse and Spin, Spin Only
Regular, Perm Press,
Delicate, Time Dry,
Quick Dry, Fluff Up
Water Pressure – PSI (Bar) 20-120 (1.4/8.3) N/A
Cycle Indicator Lights Yes
Cylinder Finish Stainless Steel Galvanized
Available Colors White
Door Type (Solid/Window) Window
USA Electrical Requirements –
120/60/1 – 15 Electric: 120/240/60/1 – 30
Gas: 120/60/1 – 15
Canada Electrical Requirements –
Single Supply Cord (Voltage/Hz/Ph-Amp)
Electric: 120/240/60/1 – 40
Gas: 120/60/1 – 20
Net Weight – lb (kg) 350 (159)
Shipping Weight – lb (kg) 380 (172)
Shipping Width – in (mm) 30 (762)
Shipping Depth – in (mm) 34 (864)
Shipping Height – in (mm) 80 (2032)
Available Agency Approvals CULUS Elec: CULUS, Gas: CCSAUS
Note: Not all options are available for all models. Twelfth digit in model number indicates US or Canadian unit. C=Canada & T=US. Refer to the price list for the available models and options. Lower unit is ADA compliant

For the most accurate information, the installation guide should be used for all design and construction purposes.
Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change without notice. The quality management system of Alliance Laundry Systems’ Ripon facility has been registered to ISO 9001:2008.
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