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commercial laundry equipment sales in Texas

For many laundromat owners in North Texas, vend prices have been stagnant in the last decade due to a significantly more aggressive competitive landscape. Is it worth alienating loyal customers just for a slight bump in profits?

Right now prices across the board are inflating in a post pandemic economy and costs have never been higher. Labor being the main driver for increased costs in our industry as the supply and demand for workers is at a complete mismatch.

Taking into consideration that prices in all markets are going up, customers may be at a point where price increases on their day-to-day purchases (including their laundry) are not as big of a decision factor as it normally would be.

In short, now may be the best opportunity to price-correct the North Texas laundromat market as consumers are less price conscious.

Property owners who are looking to attract new residents or who want to add a new revenue stream to their multi-family housing facilities should take advantage of the valuable service provided by adding an on-premise coin-operated commercial laundry. Whether your property is an apartment complex, condominium, on- or off-campus housing for college students, or any other type of multi-family housing facility, your residents will surely need the convenience an on-premise coin-operated laundry provides. Having a high-quality on-premise laundry facility is an invaluable amenity that is sure to attract new residents and increase property revenue for a long time to come.

On-Premise Laundries Add Convenience To The Lives Of Your Residents

How much laundry does your family have on a weekly basis? On a monthly basis? Now imagine how much laundry every family in your multi-family housing property has on a weekly or monthly basis. Having a convenient place where we can efficiently get our laundry done quickly is no longer a luxury. It is a necessary amenity residents look for when considering a move to a multi-family housing property.

High quality coin-operated commercial laundry equipment can handle the specific needs of your residents and the entire property at large. On-premise laundry facilities provide families with the convenience of being able to complete all their laundry at the same time, no matter how many loads they need to wash. In today’s fast paced world, this is essential to remaining as productive as possible. When you think about the volume of laundry being done on your multi-family housing property, it becomes very clear how an on-premise laundry facility will not only attract new residents but will also provide an increased revenue stream for your property in the long run.

Technological Advances In On-Premise Laundry Equipment Makes These Facilities More Attractive

Today’s on-premise laundry facilities are not the simple coin-operated laundromats you may think of. Instead, technological advances have made it possible for on-premise commercial laundry equipment to be better than ever before. Machines that once required a stack of quarters to operate can now be operated with a scan of a debit or credit card. Property owners can even choose to take advantage of a smart card solutions. These smart cards allow residents to pre-load the cards with money for their laundry, so they don’t have to use their debit or credit card at the machine and provide the opportunity to use cash to load funds to the card.

This technologically friendly equipment provides a more profitable and straightforward solution for apartment managers and other multi-family housing property owners. Some of the benefits this high quality technologically advanced equipment has to offer include:

Whether you are creating a new laundry facility on your property or upgrading an existing facility, choosing the highest quality washers and dryers is essential in making your on-premise laundry facility attractive to your residents.

Partner With Atlas Laundry To Create An On-Premise Laundry That Attracts Residents & Increases Revenue

When creating an on-premise laundry facility for your multi-family housing property, you need a partner who knows the commercial laundry industry inside and out. Atlas Laundry’s team of experts have more than 75 years of experience creating and maintaining the highest quality on-premise laundry facilities. Call us at (214) 350-1234 or contact us online to begin working on your on-premise laundry project today!

Recent times have seen the emergence of several commercial laundry programs and various kinds of equipment vendors looking for ways to get you as their customer. But picking the commercial laundry equipment vendor that is right for your business can be a difficult process. As is common with many products and brands across various industries, the relationship that begins with choosing a commercial laundry equipment provider is one that will last for many years to come.

If you are at a crossroad of needing to find the right commercial laundry equipment company for you, you should be looking at specific details to ensure you make a good decision. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing your commercial laundry equipment vendor:

Is The Commercial Laundry Equipment Vendor Financially Sound And Transparent?

Any time you are choosing a vendor to partner with your business, you want to make sure their company is just as financially sound and secure as you want your own business to be. Regardless of the size of the company, they should have financial security and willing to be transparent with you. You should look for a company that can provide current financial information in the form of service history. This will give you the security of knowing you aren’t beginning a relationship with a company that may be out of business before you have your first service issue.

Do They Offer The Highest Quality Equipment And Servicing Options?

The quality and type of equipment your commercial laundry vendor has to offer is a critical consideration when choosing a commercial laundry equipment company. You should make sure the company you choose offers the latest form of high-efficiency and technologically advanced equipment. Your laundry equipment vendor should have a variety of high-quality equipment options from reputable manufacturers for you to choose from. While higher-quality equipment offering the latest features can have more expensive up-front costs than lower-quality or outdated equipment, having the best equipment the current market has available will save you in energy and service costs in the long run.

Does The Commercial Laundry Equipment Vendor Have The Experience You Can Trust?

When choosing a commercial laundry equipment vendor, you should look for a company with well-trained, professional, and experienced technicians. A few questions you can ask to help you gauge the depth of the company’s experience are:

You should be looking for a company that has reputable customer service and satisfaction. In the case of an emergency, having prompt access to a professional and experienced technician can provide valuable savings. This will enhance your business revenue, decrease machine downtime, and also present your company as a top-quality service outlet. The right commercial laundry equipment vendor should have innovative and sustainable solutions for all of your needs and goals.

Choose Atlas Laundry For All Your Commercial Laundry Equipment Needs

When using the above criteria, we have no doubt you will find Atlas Laundry to be the best choice for your commercial laundry equipment vendor. Atlas Laundry’s team of experts have more than 75 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry. Our experts will help you pick the right equipment and can service the equipment when needed. Call us at (214) 350-1234 or contact us online to discuss the commercial laundry equipment options we have available for your next commercial laundry project!

No matter what type of business you are starting, location is always key to the success of your business. And the laundromat industry is no different. But how do you know what the right location is for a new laundromat? Our experts weigh in with some general guidelines to help get you started on your location search!

Tips For Choosing The Right Location For Your New Laundromat Business

Finding the right location can be a turning point for any laundromat business. Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when looking for the perfect location for your new laundromat:

These tips are general guidelines. Applying the guidelines to find the perfect location for your laundromat will vary depending on the unique needs and goals of your business. This is where an industry expert comes in!

How Partnering With A Commercial Laundry Expert Can Help You Find The Perfect Location For Your New Laundromat

These tips are general guidelines. Applying the guidelines to find the perfect location for your laundromat will vary depending on the unique needs and goals of your business. This is where an industry expert comes in!

Investors, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners who are looking to open a new laundromat facility don’t need to know everything about the commercial laundry industry to be successful. All you need is to partner with a commercial laundry expert who already knows everything you need to know about the industry to start a successful laundromat.

At Atlas Laundry, our team of commercial laundry experts help new laundromat business owners through the entire process of starting a thriving laundromat—from start to finish. We know that finding the right location is often the first step for any new prospective coin laundry. We will help you analyze community demographics and make sure you know what you need to do to have an edge on local competitors. Our expert team will help you find the perfect location and then will help you turn it into the perfect laundromat so you can maximize your return on investment for years to come!

Atlas Laundry’s Commercial Laundry Experts Help Entrepreneurs And Small-Business Owners Launch Successful Laundromats

When starting a new business in the coin laundry industry you need an industry professional you know you can trust to guide you through the process. Atlas Laundry’s team of experts have more than 75 years of experience creating and maintaining the highest quality commercial laundromat facilities. Our team will help you through the entire process—from knowing your demographics and choosing the right location to supplying the right commercial laundry equipment and helping you launch your opening day—and beyond. Call us at (214) 350-1234 or contact us online to begin working on launching your coin laundromat today!

One major mistake we see many business owners make over and over again is to try to use residential laundry equipment for their commercial laundry needs. Many business owners will try to use residential laundry equipment because they see it as a less expensive alternative to investing in commercial laundry equipment. But commercial laundry equipment is just that—an investment!

Here just some of the reasons why businesses should never use residential equipment for their laundry services.

Warranties On Residential Laundry Equipment Do Not Cover Commercial Use

Commercial businesses, like day spas and salons, will often try to utilize residential laundry equipment for their day to day operations. But as time goes on, the workload and the wear and tear caused by the excessive use of the equipment inevitably leads to a breakdown of the equipment. When the breakdown occurs, the business owner will likely contact the laundry equipment retailer to schedule repairs only to find out that nothing can be done because the equipment’s warranty has been voided. Most warranties on residential laundry equipment can be voided if the equipment was used for commercial purposes rather than residential purposes.

What once seemed like a cost-saving measure is now a bane to such business owners as they now really only have two options to choose from. They can either cover the cost of the repairs themselves or purchase a commercial set of laundry equipment like they should have done originally. The problem with paying to repair residential equipment being used for commercial purposes is that the equipment will inevitably breakdown and need repair again and again. This leads to a cycle of never-ending repairs and out-of-pocket expenses to the business owner.

Even if the business owner breaks down and purchases the correct laundry equipment, the business owner is now out of the money they originally used to purchase the residential equipment—and any repairs they conducted before learning this expensive lesson.

Residential Laundry Equipment Cannot Meet The Needs Of A Business

No matter what industry your business is in, your commercial laundry needs will require commercial laundry equipment. Salons and day spas have multiple loads of towels and robes they have to wash on a daily basis. Likewise, hotels have multiple loads of bed linens and towels to wash. And restaurants have multiple loads of table linens, napkins, and towels. Correctional facilities: hundreds to thousands of uniforms, towels, undergarments, and bed linens.

Residential laundry equipment will not be able to meet the constant laundry needs a business has. There is no way for residential washers and dryers to handle the nature and volume of the loads a business demands. Utilizing commercial laundry equipment from reputable manufacturers and brands will provide your business with the optimal performance and efficiency you deserve. While the up-front cost of your commercial laundry equipment may be higher, it will surely save on costs in the long run. So, before you think about purchasing a residential washer and dryer, consider the true costs of using residential equipment in your business.

Atlas Laundry Specializes In On-Premise Commercial Laundry Solutions For Every Industry

The team of experts at Atlas Laundry has the experience your business needs to create an on-premise commercial laundry solution designed specifically for the needs and goals of your business. Atlas Laundry’s team of experts have more than 75 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry. Our experts will help you pick the right equipment and can service the equipment when needed. Call us at (214) 350-1234 or contact us online to discuss the commercial laundry equipment options we have available!

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